Conservatory Cleaning Tips

Welcome to Conservatory Cleaning Wigan's cleaning tips page.

Power Washer

Do not use a power washer, although good at removing dirt they are also good at causing Damage ie lifting/ shifting Panels, creating leaks, to get this repaired will cost a lot more than having your Conservatory cleaned. Call  Conservatory Cleaning Wigan today for a free competitive quote.

Conservatory Care

Do not Climb onto the roof of the conservatory unless you really know what you are doing, again these Panels are Expensive to buy and have fitted.

Can I clean my conservatory myself?

As part of your regular conservatory maintenance you should clean your conservatory up to four times a year which has been recommended by manufacturers. Please note it can often be dangerous cleaning high to reach areas and Just Clean Property Care will bring all the specialist access equipment needed for conservatory cleaning in Wigan. 

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